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Silver Gold Platinum
Build it in 5 minutes: Yes Yes Yes
Monthly: $9.95 $19.95 $39.95
Set up Fee on monthly package: $25 $25 $25
Pay Yearly for Huge Savings:
There is no set up or monthly fees with the yearly packages!
$99.95-Free Set up
& 2nd year Free!
That comes out to $4.16/month!
$199.95-Free Set up
& 2nd year Free!
That comes out to $8.33/month!
$299.95-Free Set up
& 2nd year Free!
That comes out to $12.50/month!
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Free domain name: Yes Yes Yes
Hosting included: Yes Yes Yes
Edit all colors: Yes Yes Yes
100% control: Yes Yes Yes
Free updates: Yes Yes Yes
Add links: Yes Yes Yes
Change fonts: Yes Yes Yes
Number of listings:
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Add your MLS:
Yes Yes Yes
Add all of your virtual tours:
Yes Yes Yes
Realty glossary Yes Yes Yes
Meta tag creator: Yes Yes Yes
Search engines: Yes Yes Yes
Custom Forms: Yes Yes Yes
Scrolling message: Yes Yes Yes
Weather forecast: Yes Yes Yes
Mortgage calculator: Yes Yes Yes
Number of stock images: 150 150 150
Flash graphics: Yes Yes Yes
Hit counter: Yes Yes Yes
National zip code finder: Yes Yes Yes
Number of photos per listing: 5 10 10
Featured listing slide show: No Yes Yes
Number of pages: 9 17 Unlimited
Music on your homepage: No Yes Yes
Upload PDF/Word/etc. documents: No Yes-1 Yes-10
Require form before seeing the MLS: No Yes Yes
National detailed school reports: No Yes Yes
Free reports for buyers and sellers: No Yes Yes
Domain email: No Yes Yes
Printable flyers: No Yes Yes
Customizable Flash No No Yes
Flash Intro Page No No Yes
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