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Search Engine Optimization

Having a website is obviously important but having it found is absolutely essential. Our Realtor web sites are designed with the search engines in mind rather than with gaudy images which take too long to load and hinder search engine placement.

Search Engine Placement

The website is then submitted to major search engines such as MSN, Lycos, AltaVista, and many others on a regular basis to ensure maximum exposure.

Top search engine placement allows you to target and attract potential buyers and sellers through the Internet and generate qualified leads. This means that when prospects sit down at their computer and go to their favorite search engine to find information on real estate in your area, your real estate web sites rank highly. This is where you surge ahead of your competition!

Key words and Key phrases

Without good rankings on the major search engines for key words and key phrases related to "your city real estate", you are missing the bulk of your potential client base. Why? Because most people will hardly look beyond the first few pages that can be hooked on by your competitors, and most of your potential client base will not know that you exist.

Lead generation

To get top rankings in a search Engine requires proper understanding the way the search engine works. A search engine is a server or a collection of servers dedicated to indexing Internet web pages, storing the results and returning lists of pages matching the queries. All these jobs are performed by special robots called spiders. Some search engines also do the search is manually as done by Yahoo. Note that Yahoo is a directory, not a search engine. The term Search Engine is also often used to describe both directories and search engines.

Our prime goal is to get you in the first couple of pages searched by most of the search engines and have prospective buyers to go through to your website and fill out a request for more information. And you have already got a lead.

Special Skills and Services

Remember that a Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) as it is called requires both the web designing and marketing skill that we have acquired over the years and would incorporate in YOUR Real Estate Website. We offer our service on monthly fee basis, which covers - submissions, tweaking of pages, and a monthly reassessment of where you rank.
With our service you would get information that is critical to the success of your real estate website. If you pay for a website and don’t monitor its success in the search engines, it’s like having a lot of money and not spending it.

We continually maintain your site, monitoring it for errors and timeliness of information as well as visitor traffic, which means that you do not have to worry about your web site becoming obsolete.

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